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A college degree can give you a distinct advantage in your life. Having a college degree increases your earning potential, allowing you to make as much as a million dollars more over the course of your life. It increases your chances of landing your dream job and getting promotions. Attending university can also introduce you to people who will be invaluable resources later in life as references or for job leads. However, more than anything else, a college degree is a source of pride, a proof of your determination and hard work.

Four Jobs that require a PhD

The PhD is considered the Holy Grail of the college education. This is by far the most difficult degree to attain, and the one that holds the most prestige of any college product. Different PhD’s require different levels of practice.

The first thing that you must do in order to be eligible for a PhD is to complete your undergraduate degrees. The first of these will be the Associate’s degree. This is often only the very first step in a college career, and rarely completely prepares you for your chosen field. Next, you will need to go through an additional two years of college. This will enable you to receive your Bachelor’s degree.

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