1) What exactly do you offer?

We offer real degrees from accredited institutions in various courses, such as engineering, medicine, social sciences, the arts, journalism, hospitality and management, among others. We offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs.

2) What is special about you?

The beauty about us is that we provide accredited original degrees that are accepted in the corporate world without raising any doubts whatsoever. In addition, we use the most secure payment methods, such as Western Union and International Bank Wire Transfer. Additionally, we also include an order tracking number. This combination is hard to come by in other sites that offer degrees for sale. Our process is clean and reliable.

3) What do you mean by diploma mill?

A diploma millis an unaccredited organisation or institution that sells fake degrees online or offline. They do not charge the same as those who are accredited, which is just a trap to lure unsuspecting desperate degree seekers into their net. However, our degrees are real and they come from licensed and reputable universities in the UK.

4) What is accreditation and why is it vital tohave an accredited degree?

Accreditation is formal recognition by an independent party of the competence of an institution or organisation to perform certain tasks. It is very important since it makes the services or products offered by the organisation acceptable by the state and the public at large. Going by this definition, you already know the answer to this question. Having an accredited degree puts you at an advantage in the corporate world. Employers will not have any doubt about hiring you.

5) Why are your prices higher as compared to other sites?

Our degrees are original, meaning that we have to pay a price to get that certificate. Most of those sites offer fake degrees that will be discredited by any employer in the labour market. Why use a significant amount of money only to end up with fake papers? With our real master’s degree, MBA or Bachelor’s degree, you can be rest assured of securing a position in any company, even with the recent competition in the job market.

6) What is there in my course package?

Once you choose your course, you will have the opportunity of selecting whether you want to have a full-time, part-time or distance learning programme. Our job is to meet your needs and preferences. After you order, we prepare the documents and upon payment of the rest of the money, we ship them to you. To facilitate a smooth delivery, we also give you a FedEx/ DHL tracking number. Also, way before we send the documents, we send you a preview so that you can point out any problems.

7) Are there words like “online” or “life experience” mentioned in the degree documents?

We provide real degrees.Hence, we will not in any way include any clause that will compromise the credibility of the degree certificate. All we include is the information that you provide us with. It is our duty to ensure that your interests are protected.

8) Can you show me the degree documents before I make the balance payment?

Of course, we allow our customers to view their documents prior to delivery. We do this because of two reasons. First, to give the client enough time to point out mistakes and any other changes they would like to be made before we print and send the final copies. Second, it enables us to increase the confidence our customers have in us before they make the final payment.

9) Is it possible to adjust the graduation year on my degree?

es, you can. However, do not wait until you receive the package for you to realize that you needed to change the year of graduation. Any changes or suggestions should be sent to us after we send you the PDF document for reviewing purposes. After this, it may be too late to change anything in the document. Any scribbling or alteration marks might make employers or government officials doubt your qualifications.

10) How can I pay for my degree choice?

Any payments we receive are made through Western Union or International Bank Wire Transfer. The first payment, which amounts to 40% of the total price, is made after you order and the rest is required just before we make the delivery. Prices will vary depending on the nature of the course that you choose.

11) What is the ordering process?

Our ordering process is the simplest and the fastest. All you need to do is email us ([email protected]) your requirements.As you write in the email,please include the necessary details, such as name, age, location, course wanted, year of graduation, etc. When you give your name, ensure that it is your official name and not a nickname. After you have furnished us with this information, and deposit payment is paid, it will only take us 14 days to get the documents ready. Prior todelivery, we send you the preview to check for any mistakes and give suggestions. We will then send them through reliable courier services FedEx or DHL to reach you in good time.