Four Exciting Psychology Jobs That You Can Consider

Four Exciting Psychology Jobs That You Can Consider

If you are looking to go back to school, and realize that you are just a few courses away from completing a major in psychology, what jobs are you thinking about pursuing if you obtain a degree in this field? There are many career paths within psychology outside the more predictable types of jobs like clinical psychologists or counselors. Some of the more interesting jobs are ones that you might not have even heard of before.

Here are a few careers that we will present to you in order for you to broaden your scope in the field of psychology. Once you obtain a life experience degree online, you know you have plenty of options to work with.

Vocational Counselor

Because of the job market changing every couple of years, there are always going to be people who wish to change career paths, or simply just find a new job. What a vocational counselor does is help individuals make choices on their careers and utilize tools that help individuals become better candidates for jobs as well as employees after they do get offered an opportunity.

They begin to help a job-seeker by reviewing a client’s interests in addition to skills, personality, background, education, and past work experience. A counselor will then seek jobs for the individual based on what is a good match. They can also help job-seekers with building skills, doing mock interviews, improving resumes, and looking for ways to seek out job vacancies. They can also help clients deal with stress from employment or unemployment.

Criminal Psychologist

These psychologists utilize psychology to compliment the fields of law and criminal investigation. While you do often see criminal psychologists in a fascinating light in movies, TV shows, and other media, they could actually be exciting jobs to have in real life as well. Criminal psychology has a lot of room for growth, as well.

The duties of a criminal psychologist include creating psychological profiles for suspects involved in investigations, reviewing criminal records to determine their probability of re-offense, and helping police track down criminals that are otherwise believed to be untraceable.

Criminal psychologists work with other officials in order to resolve child custody feuds, shady insurance claims, among other investigations that law enforcement could not do without.

Health Psychologist

A health psychologist specializes in helping patients live healthier. More specifically, they study social, biological, and psychological factors that play a role on people’s health. Two core components of health psychology include encouraging better lifestyle choices and avoiding illness.

Health psychologists on a regular basis may teach people about what causes illness and how to live healthier, not just by eating certain food items, but doing certain activities and living in fresh air as well. These psychologists work in hospitals, schools, and government agencies, just to name a few. If your pursuit of becoming a fitness instructor has not worked out, you can consider an accredited university degree to become a health psychologist that is not that far off in the field of health and wellness.

Engineering Psychologist

Engineering psychology is how humans interact with technology. These experts use their interpretation of the mind and behavior to work on better technology, consumer goods, as well as work and life environments.

An engineering psychologist for example is hired by a manufacturer to help it understand what makes a product more efficient and easy to use for consumers. For as long as companies are creating physical products, such as hardware tools, furniture, technology, and more, there will always be a need for engineering psychologists to help them determine whether or not they are safe to use.

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