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We know you can be anxious as you await the delivery of your degree.Once we are done, we email it to you in PDF format so you can review it. You will have the opportunity to check over the images and check the spelling. Take your time;be 100% sure that everything is perfect.

After you are satisfied with the document, just send the 60% balance payment and we will make the delivery immediately. Once we have completed all the shipping procedures, we send you the FedEx or DHL tracking number.

Waiting for the package you have been dreaming about for a long time can be difficult. That is the main reason we have simplified the whole process for you. You can easily track your order online using an appropriate tracking number we provided.

Please note that the tracking numbers will only be given to people who have placed orders with us after their paymentis verified and those whose shipping details are already confirmed. Once all these conditions have been met, you will be permitted to monitor the status of your shipment.

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  • You will get a valid degree from an accredited university with several affiliate campuses all over the world.
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  • We are not involved in the production of degrees but we liaise with the necessary institutions.
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