Diploma Mills

Why You Should Stay Away from Diploma Mills?

Getting their accredited degree online is what people can do nowadays, and while it’s been something that has been done for a number of years now, it still sounds almost too good to be true. However, other businesses and companies take advantage of this, which are diploma mills that disguise themselves as a legitimate college in order to make a profit off of students rather than educate them.

A diploma mill will pretend to be a real college, university, grad school, or other institution, where students pay them money in exchange for giving them degrees without reviewing the student’s academic work.

Students may see these scams as legitimate and may not be aware they are enrolling in a diploma mill. Then there are students who can identify an institution as a degree mill, but enroll anyway in order to get more credentials in order to impress employers or get enrolled into a higher university for their program.

How Can I Tell If I Come Across A Diploma Mill?

There are many ways to identify a diploma mill if you come across it. Firstly, a diploma mill might have a name that is similar to a popular college or university, but do not mention an accrediting agency.

The content on the website itself may also have spelling or grammatical errors that you can spot out. A legitimate website certainly has to look professional before presenting itself to aspiring students, of course.

Diploma mills will also guarantee that you would be given an accredited university degree at a much faster rate than normal, such as under a month, or there is a date in which they will give you the degree ahead of time.

Also, if you are never provided any interaction with teachers or faculty, then this should also be a sign that you are dealing with a diploma mill. You want to be sure that you have legitimate people teaching and judging you, and if you feel like this isn’t the case, do not enroll by any means.
Knowing the Difference Between “Accelerated” and “Instant” Degrees

It’s very tempting to come across a website that promises to give you an “instant” degree, but while it may seem like it’s even better than an accelerated degree, which is what many online schools offer, an instant degree is fake. Many online organizations allow you to earn an MBA for example in as little as ten months, which is a fairly realistic timetable for online schools. This doesn’t mean less work is involved, as you are to regularly participate in online classes, lectures, and assignments at a brisk pace in order to strive for that degree quicker. Any legitimate degree should involve the completion of specific courses until you have completed all required courses for the degree. This is far from the case with “instant” degrees from diploma mills.

Diploma mills will promise you a degree in an unbelievable fashion, similar to a sales pitch. If they promise you a degree in less than a month at an unbelievably low price, and even no classes or tests involved, then it should be clear that it’s not a real degree. If you have doubts about a certain website and what they offer, then it’s best to look elsewhere to get an accredited online degree.

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